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Have you ever been in a car accident and wonder what to do? Well you are not alone.the first thing to do if you've been in a car accident is stop to check if anyone has been injured. Texas Law requires you to stop at the scene of the accident, and get help fpr anyone who is injured. You are also required to report the accident to the local police department, sheriff, or the Texas Highway Patrol if the accident involved any injuries or damage over $500. Most car accident happen because one of the drivers was legally negligent. Negligence is when someone has a duty to act with reasonable care and fails to do so, causing harm to another person. A negligent person is required bt law pay for the harm he causes to another person in proportiom to his or her liability for the other person's losses. Different state use different system to determine liability.

It is important, and legally required, to contact the police and make sure an accident report is written to document who is at fault. For your own information, you should record the date of the accident, the police agency that conducted the investigation, and the make, model, tag number, vehicle identification number of any other car involved. If you can, write down the insurance information of the other driver(s), and contact your insurer immediately. If your car is damaged, you should take it to a reputable body shop for estimates and repaiers. If you've been injured, get checked out by your family phusician or go to your local emergency room if your injuries require immediate care. Be sure to collect any pertinent past medical history that may of interest to your physician, insurance company, or attorney.


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